EAFC Motion System

The renowned FIFA video game franchise underwent a rebranding, emerging as EAFC. EA Sports tasked Buck with bringing their new identity to life by creating a meaningful motion system that allowed players to feel like they were getting an evolution of an already loved and respected game. As one of the most popular sports games across the globe it was important to stay true to the fundamental components of the sport.

System in Motion

In soccer, speed, dynamism, and strategy define the essence of the game. Our objective was to craft an experience that seamlessly embraced these fundamental aspects, immersing players in the authentic feel of being on the pitch. To achieve this, we adopted a visual language characterized by sharp easing, vibrant pops of color, and swift movements – a reflection of the dynamic energy inherent in the beautiful game.

EA Triangle

EA Portrait

EA Seasonal

Toolkit Specifics

This toolkit is a comprehensive resource, encompassing a diverse set of design assets, templates, and tools specifically crafted for the creation of promotional materials for the video game. It includes elements like logo animations, end tags, lower thirds, title cards, and more. All these components are set up in an editable format and available in five ratios, providing a broad range of flexibility for the client.

Color Switch

For each deliverable, we meticulously crafted the user experience by providing EA with the flexibility to select between two distinct color modes: Dark or Light. This decision proved instrumental in empowering our client with enhanced creative freedom, enabling them to tailor the aesthetics of every promotional piece to their specific vision.

To implement this feature, we linked an After Effects dropdown menu to an if/else expression, allowing users to effortlessly toggle between the light hex code (#FCFCF7) and the dark hex code (#151616), which effectively inverted all other assets included in the composition.